A long lost love, a reconnection, a journey.

My beloved had a vineyard.

Our Story

Elisa and Christopher

Childhood friends

Grew up on Vineyards

Met again later in life


Make wines together

Texas wine made with 100% Texas grapes.

Texas grows outstanding grapes due to a diversity of the terroir.

What is terroir?

It is the climate, the elevation, the soils…everything that goes into the land that gives us these marvelous grapes.


West Texas summers are filled with sunshine and hot during the day but the land grows cooler in the evenings. This allows the grapes to mature with proper sugar and acid levels.


Upon arriving in the Texas High Plains AVA you are on flat land as far as the eye can see but what you may not realize is that you are standing anywhere between 2,800-4,000 feet above sea level.


The grapes are grown in red dirt soils that on a windy day can make you believe you landed on Mars.

The Winery

On our 43-acre site we cleared a significant amount of cedar that was depleting our soil of key nutrients but we left our beautiful live oak trees that have seen so much history. We have silty clay soil with limestone pieces that fracture easily. It reminds us of soils we have seen on our travels to Bordeaux so we plan to plant Merlot, Malbec and Trebbiano which is also known as Ugni Blanc. Before planting on our property, we need to rehab the soil and introduce more nutrients by planting a cover crop of clover and rye grass. This will give us much needed nitrogen to prepare our soil to plant grapes vines.

We also owe thanks to the farmers who work diligently pouring their blood, sweat, tears and souls into growing wine grapes.

We hope you enjoy drinking the wines produced from these outstanding vineyards and even share them with friends and family.